Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tara is coming to MN

I am spending some time catching up on my favorite blogs and found that Tara Whitney is coming to MN to do some photography! I thought I would pass this info along to my scrapbooking friends who read my blog. If you don't know Tara by name, then please check out her new photography website. She does AMAZING portraits.

I would love to have portraits done by Tara, but I am feeling too shy to do it! Tara is one of my favorite photographers. Why am I letting this opportunity pass me by???

Signs that Summer is Around the Corner

  1. Alexander's buzz cut:

2. shorts
3. bike rides every day
4. needing to eat out because we spend too much time playing and losing track of time
5. the smell of the flowering trees. My favorite moment of this was in the Target parking lot. It was extremely busy and it was a parking lot full of angry drivers. I quickly moved across the crosswalk towards the store and halfway across, I was stunned and needed to look around. My olfactory senses went into overload. I finally figured it out that the lovely scent was from the trees at the edge of the parking lot.
6. first lawn mowing of the season
7. tulips ready to burst
8. applying sunscreen before the bike rides
9. a sweaty, sticky Littlest
10. flip flops
11. fans running throughout the day
12. the boys wanting to run through the sprinkler

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This past week, I have been thinking about my high school friend Shawn, so I finally took the opportunity to call him yesterday. He was on a plane to Denver, so he didn't get my phone call and then it took him 18 hours to remember that I had called, but he finally returned my call last night. I love reconnecting with old friends - you always seem to pick up where you left off. Of course, our topics of conversation have shifted from "so and so likes you" to what our cholesterol levels are. It is sad when you think about it, but part of life. All in all, there was a ton of laughter, general silliness, and some good conversation. We need to talk more often because it was an ADD-Marcy driven conversation with topics and tangents flying all over the place. There were so many things to catchup on that I needed to try to cover all of them before it was time to hang up! :)

Since I know that Shawn is reading this - don't forget to grant me access to your web page that you told me about. Also, what is the best e-mail to use for you (the blogger comments don't come through with an e-mail address)?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Memory Works New Products!

The new Memory Works catalog has arrived! Check it out on my Scraps of Time website. If you would like to see the products before the 17th at 5pm, you will need to download the catalog from the main Memory Works website. Remember to return to the Scraps of Time website to order after 5pm on tomorrow.

Some of my favorite pages of the catalog are the Scrapbook Essentials, Project Essentials, Design Essentials, and Basic Essentials. Check it out:
  • new Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps
  • 7 Gypsies hardware
  • gorgeous chipboard

You will not be able to order from my website for a couple of days, but make a list and stop back after 5pm on Tuesday, April 17th! Here are the important dates:

Monday April 16 - Shopping cart is shut down on company website and consultant websites for new inventory and website maintenance.

Monday, April 16 - New products are available for viewing!

Tuesday, April 17, 5:00 pm MST - Shopping cart will be open again. Orders can be submitted for all new in-stock and available products. New updated Product Availibility listing will be available. New Consultant Black Out special will end and online consultant registration will resume at the regular $35 fee.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Countdown

Today is the next to the last day at my current position. I thought that I would be really excited to be leaving, but I am actually very sad. I work with an amazing group of people who are fantastic professionally and personally. I have enjoyed getting to know people from several departments within this company. As for the IT people, I know that I will eventually run into several of them again. The Oracle Apps IT world is very small; in fact, we were joking yesterday that it is less than six degrees of separation for Oracle apps people - it is probably closer to 1 or 2 degrees of separation! I am more sad about the people that I would like to stay in touch with, but know (through experience) that due to daily schedules and responsibilities that we probably won't stay in touch. It saddens me to admit that, but it is reality. I need to focus on the fact that at least I have been lucky enough to have these people touch my life. I also know that if I ever needed anything in the future or ran into them some place that we could pick up where we left off and everything would still be good.

The jokesters are already in action! I arrived with a plan to do some final clean-up. I was thinking about the things that I would need to remember to pack and one of the things I thought of was my pen/pencil cup. I planned on leaving the pens in my drawer and packing my pen cup since I brought that into the office. I arrived this morning and the first thing that I noticed was that my pen cup was missing! Isn't ironic that the one, small, silly thing that I was thinking about is the ONE thing that is missing from my desk!! I said to my co-workers, "My chair isn't even cold and things are already being nabbed from my desk". One of them smartly replied, "You might come in tomorrow and not have a chair!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Portrait Lighting

Today, I received my almost daily e-mail from Creating Keepsakes. I RARELY actually read it any longer because I just have felt like it is overload of e-mails and advertisements. However, something caught my eye today and I ended up finding this great video clip on how to setup lighting for portraits. It contains information that I already know and have read about before, but I LOVED having a video about it!

Enjoy! There appears to be several videos of different techniques on that same page, so you might want to check them out!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A day alone

What would you do with a day alone - a day to yourself? I had one of those today and I loved it. It isn't that I don't like to be with my boys, but a day to yourself is a day to be cherished.

The boys headed up northwest to spend Easter with their grandparents and I opted to stay at home so that I could sing for the Easter services at church. I figured that is really only about 30 hours without the boys so that it would be doable. My Mom asked me what I was going to do about Easter dinner and I am hoping that the boys bring home some leftover ham. Granted, they don't always have ham at Easter, so it might end up being a surprise.

So, what have I done with my day today? It wasn't anything extraordinary at all, but I still enjoyed it.

Let's see - the day started with choir rehearsal for the Easter services. The best part about Easter services is that all of the instrumental groups participate: bells, choir, organ, piano, and brass. While we were rehearsing, the Bachman's were arranging all of the Easter flowers around the alter. It is such a beautiful sight with the white Easter lilies, the purple and pink hydrangeas, burgundy tulips, and some beautiful yellow flowers.

I then came home with the intention of cleaning the house, but my "easy read" book (aka trashy novel) called out to me. I guess at this point I should admit that I love Jude Deveraux books. I haven't read a ton of them, but I have enjoyed all of the ones that I have read. I think my favorite was The Summerhouse. The one that called to me and I needed to finish today was The Mulberry Tree.

Since I finished my book, I decided to make a library run to drop off the ones that the boys and I had finished and then to run some other errands - groceries, hardware store, and Home Depot for a universal garage door opener. It took me a while to figure it out, but I finally got it.

I then did some housework - let's just skip over that. I used it as a justification to start a new book. This one is called Grace Notes and so far I really like it. Right now I am watching Lost in Translation. I like it, but I don't. I haven't really figured out the plot except that it is a middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis and a young woman trying to figure out where her place is in life. I checked the official website to see how they describe it, but the only thing I could find is "Everyone wants to be found".

Several of you have asked about my new job that is starting on April 16th. As I learned from Heather Armstrong's website Dooce, I tend to avoid discuss working topics on my blog. So, I will give you the minimum and say that I feel that it is a good move to advance my career and my skill set. I am going to be a Sr. Consultant for Traust Group. I will be doing the same sort of work that I am doing now - IT Project Managament, Business Analyst work, and a little development work. It will be interesting to see what clients I work with and what my projets are. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Movin' to Mac

I have officially moved (or should I say moved back) to the world of the Mac!! My new laptop arrived the other day and looks like the white one below:

I have copied most of my files, music, and pictures over to my new machine, but I still have LOTS to install and lots to learn. In college and grad school, my main exposure to computers was through the Mac. I was so much of a Mac user that when I got my first job as an IT consultant and was given a laptop, I didn't know how to turn it on because the big "ON" button didn't exist!

I did have fun playing with all of the features on my Mac. One of them is a built-in camera above the screen. Here is a pic of me after spending two hours uploading files. I like to think of that look as being a tired, but pleased look! Yes, I love my Mac!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Devil Car!

Last week was quite a week:
1) bought a laptop
2) bought a car
3) resigned from my job

Whew! Could we add any more change to the week?
Today I want to focus on my new (used) car because the resignation from the job isn't a fun topic and the laptop hasn't been unpacked yet!

Here is a pic of my new baby:
and its interior (already full of my junk!):

We ended up getting a VW Passat 2.0T - yes, watch out world, I am driving a Turbo engine! I LOVE that feature!

So, the old Camry is going to be retired. Kyle didn't admit to me until AFTER we purchased the VW that the Camry has gained a new shimmy and shake while driving. GREAT......was it endangering the lives of my children and the children that carpool with us??? Yikes. I don't want to think about it. I have just come to accept the fact that it is being retired. At 215,000 miles, we won't get anything for it, so we are going to donate it to a group. Please e-mail me if you have any organizations that you would recommend!!

The vehicle plan is as follows - I get the new car (isn't that the way it should be??!!) because I am heading back into consulting and could be driving all over the Cities. So, Kyle will take the van. He does most of the kid pick-up and drop-off, so it is really best that he has the van. Of course, the boys love the new car and want to ride in it where ever they go!

The only issue with the car is that it came with a license plate from the dealer because it was a loaner car. Guess what the numbers are in the plate???? 666!!! Do you think that this makes it a devil car? It doesn't really bother me, but I have had a few friends tell me that I should get the plates changed!