Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Fabulous Fall Day

What an amazingly beautiful day today! I am thrilled to say that I spent most of it outside enjoying the sunshine and the warmth.

The day started out with Sherry arriving at 7am for our trek to St. Francis to Bernie's place. He promised us omelets before our 9am tee time and we were looking forward to trying them. They weren't your typical omelets. They were omelets constructed in ziploc baggies. 2 eggs and then the fixings of your choice all in the bag and then knead well. Write your name on the bag and then throw the bag in a pot of boiling water. Leave them in for 17 minutes and viola you have an omelet. The interesting thing is that the fixings go to the center of the omelet! How? I have no idea and I don't know any food science majors to help me answer that.

We then headed over to The Ponds for nine holes. I had a horrid game, but still had a great time. Sherry's game was on fire. For a girl who only golfs twice a year, she blew us away. Bernie was frustrated during the first half of the round, but then caught his rhythm and did a fantastic job.

The course was really wet, but it was absolutely gorgeous out. The trees were vibrant yellows and rusts. The morning sunlight made the tree colors even more vibrant or was that an optical illusion since we have had rain for the last 17 of 19 days?

After lunch and some chatting in the clubhouse, we headed back south. We only made it to Ramsey before we both realized that we needed some coffee, so we stopped at Caribou and chatted some more.

I crashed a little bit when I got home, but then couldn't let any more time pass without being outside. I headed out the door with my bike and my camera. I decided to head over to Hyland and bike the trails there and then loop back down 84th St down the new bike paths. The trees were gorgeous (surprisingly, they were a little past peak versus what I saw in St. Francis). I also saw lots of things that made me smile. After taking this picture, I took a picture of two new parents with their little baby. The lighting was just perfect and the baby cooperated nicely by giving me a big smile. One thing that surprised me was how thankful the couple was and then another couple stopped me and said how nice it was of me to do that. Taking a picture for someone is such a simple gesture that I didn't even think before offering. Wouldn't most people offer?

The photos just don't capture the splendor of the yellows and the ducks on the lake. Trust me on that one!

This one is on the bike path south of the lake in the first picture. Soon after I took this picture, a snake crossed the path. I was glad that it was in front of me and didn't go under me!
Below is the lake when you are heading towards Richardson Nature Center
On my way out of Richardson, I had a woodpecker just feet from me, but I didn't get my camera out in time before it was too far in the shrubs to see it.

The bike trail then heads down to Normandale Lake. One of my favorite things that always intrigues me is the ski jump. I couldn't resist taking a picture of it. The sun was behind the jump, so this picture was taken with manual settings. It is a little washed out, but I like that you can see the tree colors.

Okay, my long day is coming to an end and I am sleepy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1st Hockey Practice

The first hockey practice was a success! Alexander did a great job skating and worked really hard. His best friend Keegan was there for practice, too. Having a good friend to hang out with and to skate with makes it even more fun.

Here are the little guys all lined up and ready to hit the ice. Alexander is in the middle in the far back with the light blue jersey and the black helmet. No, he wasn't standing on his tippy toes. That is just how much taller he is than the other kids!

Here is skating (he is in the middle of the pack in the light blue jersey:

And, of course, a good workout requires a lot of rehydration! Here are Keegan and Alexander refueling after practice:

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Hockey Player is Born

Yes! I have given in and I am now officially a hockey mom. The result is that I now have a very excited, happy boy:

Here is all ready to go!

Check out this game face!!