Friday, November 30, 2007

Alexander's Christmas List

Original form:
- a pachen beg |favorite
- the huvr kraf
- a dort board
- a big hockey net
- hockey pucks
- tennisboll - prackdis hockey
- a snowe mushene
- a D.S. lite that is white
- a gam qood
- a set uv ney hockey
- sum stuft anmuls
- a book lite
- a hockey tadeul not are hockey
- lageos and pepol
- x box 360
- a x box | 3 favrit
- lots uv siins!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 2 favrit
- a lechrickgotor

- a punching bag
- the hover craft (remote control)
- a dart board
- a big hockey net
- hockey pucks
- tennis balls to practice hockey
- a snow machine
- a [Nintendo] D.S. lite in white
- a Game Cube
- a set of knee hockey
- some stuffed animals
- a book light
- a hockey table, not air hockey (like foozball, but with hockey)
- legos and people
- x-box 306 | 3rd favorite
- lots of SCIENCE!!!! |2nd favorite
- an electronic ????? (I will have to check with him!)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Friendly Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving is being labeled the "Friendly Thanksgiving" in my book! I have had the pleasure of having two Thanksgiving meals with friends. It has been fun and relaxing and I haven't had to cook!

My holiday started with the Turkey Run 5k in downtown Minneapolis. It was my first race in over 11 years and it was the first time EVER that I have attended a race alone. I have to admit that one of the motivating factors for me was the cute T-shirt. Could you resist a turkey t-shirt like this:
and the back:
I heard that over 10K people participated in the race. With that many people, it was really surprising that after I picked up my number, I turned around and there was Kris from my church! I ended up hanging out with Kris and her sister in law until the race started. I knew that they would be faster than me, so I wished them a good race and started off with my slow and steady pace. I ended up running a big part of the race with a woman named Sue. She was really disappointed at how slowly she was going, but I was thrilled to have someone to run and pace with. She ended up having to walk the last 3/4 of a mile, so I finished up the race on my own. I jogged the entire race (woohoo!) and finished in about 35 minutes. It was really hard to tell since it takes a while to reach the start and then there was a bottle neck at the end, so that took a while, too. Regardless, it felt GREAT! After picking up a water and a banana, I had a difficult time finding my parking garage and then the stairs to the garage. So, here is a shout out to all of the strangers that helped me that morning, "THANKS!"

After successfully finding my car (with help!), I headed home, enjoyed a long shower, put on my thick, fleece pj's, and lounged around, cut cheese for the upcoming festivities, did laundry and watched my Netflix DVD's. It was soon time to head up to Bernie's in St. Francis. It was supposed to be Bernie, Dawn, Wendy, and me for Thanksgiving dinner. Wendy's family activities went longer than she expected, so she wasn't able to join us. That means that we had 3 people to eat a 20 lb bird, about 5+ lb of potatoes, and TONS more.

Here is a picture of Bernie carving our bird:
Here are Dawn, me, and Bernie getting ready to eat. After we ate, I said that I should take a picture because it didn't look like we had made a dent in ANYTHING!

After cleaning up a bit, Bernie and I head out for a big, long walk (we measured it later and it was 2.5 miles). That felt great. We then attempted to rent National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to no avail and ended up getting Deck the Halls. That movie was lame - a rip off of the one we wanted, but not nearly as funny. In fact, we all fell asleep during it!

I then loaded up my car for my long drive home only to find that my trunk latch wouldn't work! So, Bernie rigged up a lovely bungee cord, rag, duct tape, one of my workout socks contraption to keep my trunk closed. I was able to get scheduled at the garage on Monday to have it fixed, but there is no using the trunk until that time (lugging stuff for hockey practice this weekend is going to be fun!).

On to Friday....
No early morning shopping for me! I slept late (only 8ish), puttered around my apartment, and then headed to the club. I did a funky new angled elliptical machine that focuses more on the gluts and quads. It was interesting and I will try it again, but I'm not sure how much I liked it. I then did a few laps in the pool since I had a desire to do some swimming. That also felt great.

Then, it was off to Paula's for another feast! Paula, I need some pictures! We had the cutest place settings with lots of fun turkey motifs including turkeys created by Dani made out of candy corn, icing, and cookies. They were adorable! Lots and lots of food was eaten and we had lots of fun conversations.

After helping with the clean-up, I headed back home to get some more things done. I have decided to get back into my scrapbooking, so after unsuccessfully attempting to upload pictures on the Ritz website, I burned a CD and headed in. While they were being printed, I headed to REI's sale to pick up some winter running gear. Whew! Exercise gear is NOT cheap, even on sale. I realize that REI is spendy, but I have been pricing workout gear at a variety of places and I think I found some of the right mix. I found a wicking, long sleeved t-shirt and a jacket that is actually for biking. I like the jacket because it has wind breaking capabilities, but it doesn't have front pockets -only a big pocket in the back (since it is a biking jacket). I actually use the hand pockets quite a bit in my fleece that I have been wearing, so we will have to see if it works for me or not.

All in all, it was a fabulous couple of days and was definitely a "Friendly Thanksgiving"! I am looking forward to the boys being back in town this afternoon for hockey practice, but I had best get moving in order to get the rest of my list completed before they get here!

P.S. Another fantastic thing happened on Thanksgiving Day... Shawn and Deb became parents of Swayer Kay! Check out this adorable little girl on their Baby Blog!!