Monday, September 01, 2008

New Obsession

Yes, hard to believe, but we have a new obsession: geocaching! Check out; our username is make_mn. It all started last weekend at Sibley State Park when Kirsti's husband, Mike, taught us how to geocache! The state park program caches include coupons for 40% off of handheld gps. We got our last week and have now visited 23 caches in 3 days. Our legs are exhausted and we all have scratches to prove that there is some work behind it.

Only one cache today, but it was a great find because it had our first Travel Bug in it! We were at Fort Snelling State Park for an end of summer picnic, a swim, and a multi-cache search. The TB has been logged as found and now we need to drop it off at another cache at a state park that it hasn't visited yet! Where should we go????

Here are the boys with the travel bug from the Fort Snelling cache:

I have taken several more pictures of finds and will post them when I get a chance. Of course, I still need to upload pics from the State Fair, but it is time to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow!

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