Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Celebration #2

In our family, birthday celebrations are NOT a one day event. It started years ago when I couldn't understand why my YOUNGER sister's birthday came before mine. She is a Feb baby and I am a March baby. It just didn't make sense to me. So, instead of arguing with a very persistent 5 year old, my parents would give me a small gift BEFORE her birthday so that I wasn't put out by her birthday event.

Needless to say, the tradition of celebrating more than one day has continued with my boys. This month, it is Ethan's turn. We had the family birthday celebration last week with a trip to the Star Wars exhibit at the Sci Museum (I still need to post those pics) and then the traditional birthday pie! This weekend, we had the celebration with friends: Connor, Nick, Owen, and Alexander.

We started the day at the Grand Rios waterpark. The boys had a ton of fun. I heard that one of the boys went on the hurricane 10 times! I tried it once and that was enough for me. I have now tried that type of slide at the Kalahari and at the Grand Rios. I am firm in my knowledge that I do not care for that type!

Here are the boys showing off their muscles in the hot tub . After this shot and after we explained the rules and assigned buddies, it was nearly impossible to keep up with them to take pics. They spent hours on the lazy river and climbing the stairs to the slides. After only a couple of hours, they were STARVING. I believe that they are all in growing mode - that tends to happen when you are 9 and 10!!! They managed to keep themselves entertained, though for about 4 hours until we headed home. Luckily, we had a few cookies leftover in the car from the ride up, so we were able to stave off hunger until our next stop - WHITE CASTLE.

White Castle has also become a birthday tradition. We don't let the kids eat it, so it has become something special and they look forward to it.

The boys spent both the ride to the waterpark and back making up songs, so it was only fitting that I captured them singing under the White Castle sign. Ethan really likes the Ramones, so we listened to a couple of their songs on the drive. Here they are singing "white, white, white, white castle" to the tune of ???? (will have to edit later - I am not the Ramone fan in the family).

Once the crave case was completed, it was time to hail the crave case:

Once home, the entire crave case was DEVOURED. 5 boys 30 burgers in under 10 minutes. Lord help us when they are 15!!! We will need to get the crave CRATE of 100 burgers!
Next we opened presents - always fun! One of the cards included some pop rocks. We HAD to open them immediately and give them a try. I love Ethan's face in this pic as they are popping on his tongue.
Ahhh...cake. Ethan chose a DQ ice cream cake for his celebration. When we went to order it, the manager told us that we could have any blizzard flavor that we wanted. He immediately chose Mint Oreo. Alexander hates mint, so he started to cry. While I was explaining that it was E's birthday and he got to chose and that I could get him a different treat, the manager offered to make it half regular Oreo and half mint! It worked out great because half of the kids wanted mint and the other half didn't!

Here is E blowing out his 10 candles! Happy Birthday, Mr. E!!!

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