Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Goalie Mom

I think I need to join a support there a goalie hockey mom support group??? If so, I need it! I need to learn how to deal with the stress of the game, how to feel excited about shoot-outs, and how to accept it when the other team members are at the opposite end of the ice from the goalie AND the puck!

Tonight was the first game of the Fall Clinic playoffs. Alexander is on the yellow team and we played the blue team. We played the blue team who we walloped last week. Do you think it was the same type of game? Absolutely not! They were on their game with a fill-in goalie from another team. They we aggressive, they worked as a team, and the game ended up with a shoot out.

The first shoot out was at Alexander and he blocked it! The first shooter from our team was Mitch and he made it! Wasn't that it?!? Shouldn't it have stopped there? Nope... the next shooter made it past Xander and their goalie blocked out shooter. The next shooters were just like the first: Xander blocked and our shooter made it. Whew! I could finally rest!!!

Really, what made it all worth it were their BIG smiles in the locker room. They had all worked together and won 7 to 6. What a game!!! Now, if only I can find that support group because I'm not sure I can last through another shoot out! :)


Liz Goddard said...

Hi there. We have a goalie mom support group in our blog at . Very helpful moms there.


Marcy said...

Hi! Just curious how you found my blog and where you are located. Thanks for the link!